We are a community that loves and appreciates the outdoors and from being outside our brand was born. We are people that use our free time in the woods, on a river or in the mountains. The deeper people travel into the wild and the more trials they encounter is where character is built. The adventure simply doesn't start until something goes wrong in places where there are no modern conveniences to fall back on and that is where you will find us. 

Alaskan Chainsaw Mill Story: As an adult, I restored my connection back to nature by salvaging old fallen and dead trees on my family’s land and transforming them into functional pieces for my loved ones to use for years to come. I then purchased my first Alaskan chainsaw mill to turn these functional salvaged pieces into beautiful, handcrafted tables and benches. I want to bring nature into my home by leaving these tables and benches as raw as possible, and that's when Saw & Mill Company was born. We started attending local markets to sell our creations and earn enough money to upgrade our milling equipment and then launched our website of branded clothing, durable quality tools, and items for others to wear and use while doing their own woodworking projects or outdoor adventures. 

Saw & Mill Company was created from the love of the outdoors and a gratefulness for what nature can provide us.



Saw & Mill Company was founded with one goal in mind; to celebrate the beauty of nature through exploration, optimism and reclamation. We are a small company of sustainability advocates who prefer work boots over loafers and are truly passionate about the environment in which we live.