Paddle Board vs. Canoe Camping & Gear List

As a long-time canoe camper I was a little skeptical of doing the same activity on a paddle board. Packing canoe comfort items like a good size cooler, chairs or a full kitchen can be a benefit of canoe camping. In contrast, on a paddle board light and fast is the name of the game which can make for a fun experience.

Pack Light: SUP camping has become a popular activity because of its unique benefits. The nature of the paddle board forces you to pack light. Packing light typically takes more experience and planning than canoe camping but with the right gear it can make for a "less is more" type experience. 

Fishing: The size and stability of a canoe makes netting a fish, changing bait and casting a much easier experience. 

Length of Trip: Having the ability to carry more food, a variety of clothing for temperature changes and entertainment items is a major advantage for a week long adventure. 

 Personal Experience: After 4 trips to the Boundary Waters and 6 trips down the Wisconsin River I believe canoe camping has a slight edge on paddle board camping. The fishing and ability to bring a large cooler of fresh meat, cold beer, and all the kitchen essentials makes canoe camping very enjoyable. If you like minimalism and/or solo missions, paddle board camping will be one of your favorite ways to explore, rivers, lakes and waterways. 

BIG 3: Tent / Bag / Dry Bags

Big Anges Copper Spur UL2 Long Ultralight

Mountain Hardwear Phantom™ 30F/-1C

Seal Line Black Canyon™ Dry Pack

Kitchen and Fire Making

MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe

Yeti Hopper M20 Backpack Cooler

Yet Hopper Flip 18

Makes a Great Seat on the Paddle Board or Camp
Yeti Tundra 35

Hults Bruk Akka Forester's Axe

Clothing & Accessories

Saw & Mill Co Pine Hoodie

Saw & Mill Co. Logo Hat